Kettern Riesling 2011 trocken

Unser beliebter Basiswein im neuen frischen Design. Wie sein feinherber “Bruder” ausschließlich aus Steillagen-Parzellen (Freudenburg, Günterslay, Goldtröpfchen und Falkenberg) gewonnen.

Kettern Riesling 2011 feinherb

Goldtröpfchen GC

GC stands for Grand Cru, which is the best “dry*” part of each season´s harvest. Our premier dry wine, with volume, body, strength and substance, but not the least bit oily. Aged in large oak barrels, the minerality of the wine is not too dense, but rather always beautifully elegant.

Goldtröpfchen feinherb

A beautifully balanced wine with a subtle fruity sweetness which depends not only on its vintage and aging, but also on the corresponding food, tending to be either dry or with a hint of residual sugar. This wine waltzes beautifully by itself as well as pairs perfectly with asian and other spicy food.

Goldtröpfchen Kabinett

The real classic of the Mosel, with well-balanced notes of fine fruit, refreshing acidity, subtle sweetness and salty minerality. A formidable drinking wine with an alcohol content below 10%, of which one can easily drink a whole bottle.

Goldtröpfchen Spätlese

Highly mature, usually harvested in November, the wine from these “golden“ grapes is not only fantastically refreshing, an excellent aperitif, or brilliant accompaniment to desserts, but also a treat on its own. After decades of maturity, these wines often almost completely lose their sweetness becoming “even better feinherb wines.“